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Viet Nam Memorial, Tallahassee, Florida, 11 September, 2001

In Memory of All who have died, let us not forget them.

In the early 1930s, Boss Bayless(my Grandfather)became the manager of the Malone Gin Co. in Malone, Hill Co., TX. When Boss took over the running of the gin he found several old ledgers which he gave to family members. Grandma Ann Elizabeth (Bennett) Hudson and her granddaughter Mildred Bayless (my Mother) used these ledgers best healthcare administration programs in the world as scrapbooks. These scrapbooks along with family photos and other memorabilia inspired me to create this WEB site. Information from these sources is provided on the Limestone Co. pages in an effort to assist your bulk candles selection those with roots in that area. This site also contains many pages devoted to the Genealogy of my family. It is my sincere must play Frozen games hope that you will find something helpful and/or of interest on these pages.  

In greatful appreciation, I thank My Aunt Christene Bayless of Houston, TX, who gave me must play juegos Grandma's album. I thank my Mother Mildred Bayless Ribling who is gone from this world but never from my heart. I thank my Father Lester Ribling who has been a great help to me happy wheels game and has supported me in this project. I thank the many WEB Masters who have assisted me over the years and have generously allowed me to make use of their creations. Thanks to the members of the BELL family and to all descendants of William Clinton BAYLESS who contributed their family data and photos. I thank all the many descendants of the BAYLESS, BENNETT, HANCOCK, MONEY, TUNNELL, WISE and other allied families for their generous contributions.


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Depicting a peaceful, gleaming lake abstract paintings, with purple mountains in the distance, it’s an inspirational expression of transcendentalist faith in God and nature.

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